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  WestMark Sales, Inc. supplies water quality instrumentation including: PH/ORP/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen Turbidity/Suspended Solids/Residual Chlorine/Streaming Current/Ozone/On-line and Portable Water/Wastewater Samplers/Particle Counters/Flow/Level  





We sell 100% compatible replacement sensors for use with Great Lakes analyzer-systems. 

- PH/ORP - Differential and conventional types

- Conductivity -Electrodeless and Contacting types




AquaMetrix by Water Analytics, Inc. -

PH/ORP/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen


Canty Process Technology - 

Industrial Sight Glasses and Sight Flows, Canty Quick Port Closures, Oil in Water, Water in Oil, Particle Sizing, Process lighting systems, High Temperature Cameras, Industrial Surveillance Cameras, CantyVision Client Software



Electro-Chemical Devices Inc. -

pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, ION selective

electrode, UV Spectroscopic, Colorimetric,

Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, Free and Total Chlorine






Galvanic Applied Sciences -

Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Amine, Colorimetric, Titrimetric, ISE, Spectrophotometric,

Color, Viscosity






Guided Wave Inc. -      

NIR & UV/Vis fiber optic-based spectroscopic and ambient monitoring analyzers

for chemical and physical properties





HF Scientific, Inc. -

Process On-line and laboratory: Turbidity/Residual Chlorine/Streaming Current


Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc.-

Dissolved Oxygen/Suspended Solids



Kayden Instruments - 

Thermal flow, level, temperature and interface switches



Maselli - 

Digital Refractometers for On-line Bench-top/Lab Concentration/Brix Analysis

Micrometrix - 

Streaming Current Monitor and Particle Charge
Analyzer for coagulant dose control



Gas Instruments


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